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Towards a new concept in drug delivery

Lifesome therapeutics offers a reliable and highly versatile lipid technology opening multiple new possibilities in personalized medicine.

Lifesome changes the concept of drug delivery

We build unique drug delivery nanosystems from therapeutic agents that maximize treatments outcomes

Our technology advantages

Therapeutic nanocarriers for helping researchers and pharma

Our new lipid technology enables the development of advanced novel therapies and pharma products

We aim to be your trusted partner

Lifesome Therapeutics offers flexible partnership schemes to fit any stage of yor research. We provide maximum collaboration service as an extension of your R&D department. Do not hesitate to contact our team to inquire about our products or services.

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Support and Partners

Ayudas a startups de alta intensidad innovadora.

Programa Neotec para nuevos proyectos empresariales de empresas innovadoras.


We believe in the power of partnerships that are based on mutual trust and recognize the added value of combining experience, know-how and competences.

Lifesome therapeutics is open to licensing or partnering its technology.

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