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About us

Lifesome therapeutics is a start-up based in Madrid, dedicated to manufacturing and supplying the next generation of therapeutic drug delivery systems and cutting edge formulas for diagnostics. Connect with the future of personalized medicine!

Innovative technology ready to deliver new therapy solutions

Current Research areas

The science of Lifesome Therapeutics: The background of Ohmline

for cancer treatment

Among dozens of compounds targeting membrane proteins involved in cancer, Ohmline by Lifesome Therapeutics is the only one bearing unique features both as therapeutic agent and nanocarrier, elucidating the potential synergistic effect of this exclusive lipid compound.

as antimicrobial agent

Antibiotic resistance is a main concern among nowadays letal diseases. Lifesome nanotehcnology with intrinsic antimicrobial activity can be used to repurpose antibiotics, tackle antibiotic resistance and improve their therapeutic activity.

Lifesome in numbers




Scientific papers



Meet the team

Advisory Board

Prof. Thierry Lecomte, MD., PhD.

Oncology Expert

Expert in Hepatogastroenterology and Digestive Oncology


Julio Martin, PhD.

Life Science Expert

Life Science and Pharma R&D expert

Prof. Paul-Alain Jaffres, PhD.

Organic Chemistry, Health and Materials Expert

Lipid chemistry, gene delivery and hybrid materials expertise

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