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Welcome to the future of therapeutic nanovectors

The only market available lipid-based therapeutic nanocarrier


Ohmline lead series


Ohmline by Lifesome Therapeutics, is a synthetic alkyl lipid with lactose as polar head group. Ohmline stablishes a new concept of drug delivery platform.

Why choose Ohmline

Ohmline by Lifesome Therapeutics, presents competitive exclusive features that make it unique along the current market


Ohmline can be easily and single-step engineered as nanoparticles (liposomes), nanotubes, hydrogel for depot or gel capsules among others, to satisfy any administration route.



Allows any active molecule encapsulation regardless size, composition and/or hydrophobicity.


Its production is simple, scalable and adaptable.


More interestingly, it presents intrinsic therapeutic properties associated to its composition, not found in other market-available drug delivery systems, which enhances the potential uses of Ohmline as therapeutic nanovector.



Ohmline has no cytotoxic effects and potentially helps to reduce side effects from encapsulated drugs.


Ohmline acts specifically on the target.

One compound, multiple possibilities

Explore the multiple possibilities of our lipid formulation, Ohmline

1     Drug delivery

Ohmline, for an active molecule encapsulation

Ohmline effectively enables the encapsulation of a broad battery of compounds, regardless size hydrophobicity and composition

Proteins and enzymes


Genetic material

Active drugs

2     Active therapeutic compound

Ohmline as an active drug

Ohmline presents therapeutic antitumoral, antimetastatic and antimicrobial properties

Therapeutic activity

3     Synergistic combination

Ohmline, the therapeutic nanocarrier

The therapeutic properties of Ohmline may be interestingly enhanced when other drugs are properly encapsulated within

Captura de pantalla 2023-11-29 133654_ed

Variety of drugs


Captura de pantalla 2023-11-29 115913_ed

Ohmline nanoparticle

Captura de pantalla 2023-11-29 120258_ed

Ohmline nanotube

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